We at Reset CLG believe that as our civilization grows, so does our need to act responsibly. We have a duty to take action and do our part to help preserve and protect this planet we call home. No matter how big or small the gesture is, a simple act can make a big difference.

We started Reset CLG, in part, to try to inspire the act of Giving Back and to build a brand around that idea. We realize that most people truly want to give back, but are either too busy or simply don’t know how. We try to make it easy by working with these non-profit organizations:

One Percent For The Planet

Reset CLG wants to immediately do what we can to help our environment and help to protect and preserve the places we love and enjoy. By joining forces with 1% for the planet, we are able to achieve this goal effectively and with confidence. 1% of all sales will be donated to the 1% for the planet organization FOR YOU. With more than 1200 member companies in 48 countries contributing to more then 3300 non-profit organizations, it seemed like a great way for a small company to make a big impact.

1 Percent For The Planet

One of our favorite world surf destinations to visit is Indonesia. Every time we visit, we have to spend a few days in Uluwatu. Over the years, this area of Bali has become more and more popular and accessible. Although the growing population boosts the local economy, it also increases consumer waste in which the community is unable to cope with. Project Clean Uluwatu is an organization dedicated to addressing this growing concern and have gained major headway in preserving and protecting this legendary surf destination. Reset CLG will be working with and contributing $1 per garment purchased to Project Clean Uluwatu FOR YOU to help maintain this spot for generations to come.

Project Clean Uluwatu